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Porscheİ 996 Turbo hydraulic pump repair

Porscheİ 996 Turbo hydraulic pump repairWe replace the broken pump parts and upgrade them!

inkl. MwSt (19%)

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When a damaged spoiler system is not replaced over time, cracks form inside the pump and cause complete failure. Also a wrong installation attempt or bleeding and filling incorrectly will result in severe pump damage. P-Speed offers a complete repair and upgrade of the pump parts to be safe. Faulty components are replaced and upgraded. The price includes a complete inner new setup, dismanteling and fixing.
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Porscheİ 996 Turbo Spoiler unit repair and upgrade
inkl. MwSt (19%)
Service: Filling and bleeding of the hydraulic pump
inkl. MwSt (19%)
Special tool for Porscheİ 996 / 997 spoiler removal
inkl. MwSt (19%)